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what a wonderful project! I will definitely be following along as I learn to crochet!


Your first week's blocks look fabulous and I like your colour scheme very much.


I really like the colors you're using!


Thanks Casey!


What a great idea! :)


I hate that they discontinued that Old Leaf color! I used it a lot! and now I know why I can't find it anywhere! lol. these colors are beautiful!


Thanks Heather, I mourned the day I found out Old Leaf was discontinued. I even wrote Hobby Lobby and they said they didnt even have any in a warehouse. Maybe if all Old Leaf lovers signed a petition they would see how stupid it was of them to take it away! haha


I love your color palette and the reason why you are doing your project. Keep it up!


I love the idea of this project. Your color choices for your granny squares are wonderful. each one draws my attention.

I wonder if I have the commitment to stay focused on a project for 365 days :)

I'll be following you. keep up the beautiful work!


Thank you Diana!

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Such a great idea. I am so going to use your blog as inspiration to make my granny square blanket out of the natural dyed yarn samples I have (
Can't wait to see more.



I'm sure that will be beautiful Eddie!


I am totally 'hooked' on this blog - i love your choice of squares and your colour combinations are fab - not somethig I am good at! Well done on keeping this up it cant be easy but must be SO enjoyable. I have saved some of the patts so far but need to change some in to UK terminology before I get going. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful project of yours xx


Thanks so much Catherine!

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