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so hard to choose but probably day 67 is my fave!


what a great giveaway!!


I'd have to say 15, but 71 is a close runner up. 100 days is a pretty big feat, I don't think I'm motivated enough. Way to go!



I *adore* the French Nannie's Flower one! It is adorable and almost looks like something I could do :)

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Day 58 is my favorite I think, but it was a difficult choice; I adore all of the Gran's Garden squares! The colorway is marvelous, and who doesn't love flowers?

Eleanor Rae

I think they're all so clever, but my favourite is the tulip square! I'd love to learn how to crochet, I can just about knit...but super slowly! xxx


It's really hard to choose as they are all so so lovely!
But I think my favorite is 20!



#94 is striking. So vintage but fresh looking. I really adore it.
#79 is lovely.
#75 is like stained glass. Breathtaking.
#64 is so sweet. Love the flower.
#50 has such a gorgeous color combination and I really like the petals.
#24 is another vintage yet modern design. Great clean-looking color combo.
#12 is an all-time favorite. Love everything about it.

Once I'm done with the endless Dr Who scarf, I'm going to have to try granny squares. These are so inspiring.

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colleen mccaffrey

Really hard decision but I think #75 is my favorite.


Um, all of them? seriously. I am drooling every time you post one. I really really love the calypso one.


The Pinwheel Star Square is my total fav! It just looks unreal; I can't believe that can really be created! You rock all socks, btw!!


These are my favorite colors & hooks too!! my favorite granny square is.... all of them! but mostly #38. i just love all the grey then the pretty colored lines!


Nr 19! Grandma's heart square!
It really stands out for me! :)
Thank you for blogging this experience. I'm just starting and definately are going to use your blog as a reference... A lot!!!


I am solidly in the camp of not being able to choose between block #50 and #75. I love them both so so much. So much. :D


It has to be number 93 for me. I only started to crochet a few months ago so that one just takes my breath away, as does a lot of you work. I'm so inspired by your beautiful colour choices to. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to enter from the UK but it's an opportunity to thank you for letting us all see your beautiful work.


I love all of your squares but I think my favorite is #93.


There are so many beauties, and I'm really quite envious of you for tackling and succeeding at this goal. If I were to pick just one, it would be #98. It's simple, but not super basic, which I like. Keep on!


Congrats on hitting a big milestone!! You've made so many awesome squares, it's hard to choose a favorite. I really love the Velvet and Lace square, it's so pretty :)


Oh I love the tulip square! You have such great color combinations! I started a few squares the other day. I only wish i had found your blog sooner! Thanks for the chance to win!

maureen s

#95. There is something about that square that makes me feel all giddy inside. I give you props for the granny a day project. I worked on my own granny square blanket last year. When I found out I was shot 44 squares to complete the blanket I'm pretty sure I did cry. It's a labor of love.

Rachel Dallaire

#14 is my absolute favorite! Love the colors you've been using! :-)


OMG the Tulip Square is amazing!! It's spring here and Tulips are everywhere, what a clever Spring Square ;-) I'd love to enter you giveaway, you have such a cute blog!


I love all of the floral ones. I am just starting a collection of granny squares for a blanket and your project has been such an inspiration! I particularly love number 71, Kingcup.

Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!


What a wonderful give-away! It's so hard for me to pick out one favourite, because I love so many of them! But I think number 83 is the one which keeps getting my attention the most, so that's why I pick number 83 :) And I just love the colours you used!

Thanks so much for this oppertunity to win these great materials!


Wow! Congratulations!
My favourite is 96


I love so many of them. I love the colors you've chosen. My favorite is velvet and lace, number 75. It's gorgeous.


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