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WOW - what a wonderful blog! I found it when surfing for a kind of 911-help in making a blanket of crochet blocks. And you may be my rescue :-) I'm defently gonna follow your project in here. I hope it's okey that I've linked to your blog on my own (www.farmorfabrikken.dk) It's unfortunately on danish...

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Great blog! I always got some new from your blog, i think you are very talented, your sharing about these type of blankets are very nice and i really got new tips to make these type of blankets. Thanks for sharing and keep sharing!!!


Hi! I just found you via Pinterest after deciding to do a 30 day Granny Square Challenge for Sept! Your blog is amazing...I'll be spending a lot of time here!

Have a great week!


Welcome Amy! Thank you so much for visiting and good luck with your September Challenge!



I just discovered your blog (and this other one). Amazing ! Wonderfull ! Thanks for sharing, it's a "gold mine" for crocheters !
(I don't know if we say "gold mine" (i'm French) but hope you will understand)

Erin @ Daisy Doe

I just wanted to let you know how inspiring your blog is! I especially love your colour choices. I have been crocheting for about 1 1/2 years now, but have surprisingly never crocheted a granny square.. that may all change soon!

x Erin @ Daisy Doe

Love To Crochet

So did you start this at the beginning of this year? Anxious to see the finished project. Beautiful and a great idea to get rid of that crochet "ache" in an evening.

Deb Huffaker

I found a link to you on Pinterest....I just purchased up this book and can't wait to get started. I LOVE Granny Squares!!! What do you plan to do with yours once you are finished? Love the colors you chose!!!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.


Hey! I love this project! I read about it in Flow Magazine! AND it's the sister project to another A Granny A Day! You can see lots of amazing crocheters over here > http://www.flickr.com/groups/1037596@N25/ < as they granny along : I have loved looking at your BEAUTIFUL squares!!! I loved reading about you too!!

Love To Crochet

How's the project going? Would love an updated picture. Anxious to see the end results. :)

Knot Forgotten Studio

Hi Dana, Looking forward to following you. Love the grannies.
penny x

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