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Do what you can and enjoy your new endeavor!! Your crochet school looks great.


I love all your grannies! This is such an inspiration! Thank you :)

Megan T.

Love your project! :) I was just curious what you think of the Michael's Loops and Threads Yarn? I started a blanket mixing Red Heart Super Saver and Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. I really love the Hobby Lobby yarn - it's nice and soft and the stitches look so much better than the stitches using RH. I HATE the RHSS!!! It burns my fingers and gives me hang nails. o.O So I was going to get new yarn and start over. I especially love Michael's sea green color and I can't find that shade anywhere else! Unfortunately, I have to have my sister buy it and ship it to me because I live 2.5 hours from a Michael's. So I'm wondering how the softness compares to Hobby Lobby's yarn. Thanks!


Its pretty good for acrylic. I love this yarn is still softer and I find that Loops and Threads works better with a larger hook so it doesnt get stiff and I use both brands together and dont have a problem.  For anyone else reading this, NEVER use Red Heart. Thats my PSA for the day ;)

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